Investment Plan


Amount of days

  • 30
Total return 10 $
  • 0.25% daily profit
  • 30 days

0.25% daily

30 calendar days principal back 10 - 200$

  • Deposit back

Involves trading different national currencies against each other in order to take advantage of exchange rate fluctuations.

It is a quick and volatile market, and its participants can take advantage of short-term profits by making short-term trades.


Amount of weeks

  • 8
Total return 10 $
  • 2% weekly
  • 8 weeks

2% weekly

8 weeks principal back 10 - 200$

  • Deposit back

allows investors to take advantage of the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets and benefit from the potential for significant gains. Crypto traders tend to use technical analysis and risk management to capitalize on price movements of digital currencies.

As a relatively new investment plan, crypto offers investors the chance to capitalize on the growth of the digital currency market.


Amount of months

  • 3
Total return 10 $
  • 10% MOUNTLY
  • 3 MONTHS

10% monthly

3 months principal back 10 - $

  • Deposit back

Allows investors to own a part of a company, which can give them a share of the company’s profits and dividends.

It is a long-term investment plan, and its returns are usually linked to the performance of the company and the overall stock market.