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About out team

The company staff of “TRUST-FX” can be compared to a well-oiled, ideally operating machine in which every element plays a huge role in achieving success. This is precisely the importance of everyone who works on our team. The members of our staff complement each other. This allows them to lead successful deals on the investment market, justifying client trust.

Our staff is fairly large. We would love to tell about every single person who contributes to the common goal, however, we are not able to do so. Thus, we offer the following introductions of the key staff members, the people who are in leadership positions in our company.

  • Photo of Anthony Barnes

    Anthony Barnes


    Anthony is Chief Executive Officer and one of the founding members of “TRUST-FX”. Previously, he worked for a Scottish bank. Having been a trader for ten years, he has learned the nuances of the investment market. He manages all financial transactions.

  • Photo of Steve Chamberlain

    Steve Chamberlain

    The Head of Analytics

    Steve has been familiar with FOREX since 1998. He is a famous trader and financial market analyzer. At the moment, he is the Head Trader at “TRUST-FX”. The dealing department is under his control. He successfully implements projects directed toward the development of the company and the minimization of risks.

  • Photo of Susan Blake

    Susan Blake

    Financial Director

    Susan is the Financial Director of our team. She supervises ongoing transactions and is responsible for the adherence of our commitments to our investors. She has an extensive work experience in similar positions.

  • Photo of Mark Heath

    Mark Heath

    Head of Marketing

    Mark has tremendous experience in IT, which, at the moment, amounts to a quarter of a century. He is the Head of Marketing and heads the team of engineers. He is the accredited with the development and successful promotion of innovations in the field of business investment.

  • Photo of Jane Reed

    Jane Reed

    Technical Support Department

    Jane manages the Technical Support Department. The questions of our investors are quickly answered thanks to him. She is responsible for the solution of all technical problems. She guarantees their quick elimination.

  • Photo of William Bridges

    William Bridges

    Lead Software Engineer

    William is a lead software engineer, our specialists use programs developped by Bill in order to achieve success. He has provided the management with many innovative solutions, a majority of which were implemented.

The Strengths of Our Team

  • Experienced Manager

    From each country took no more than four people. Education is not like the usual lectures

  • Traders professionals

    Smart traders make smart decisions. Equip yourself with the Pepperstone advantage today

  • 24/7 Support

    Education is not like the usual lectures and workshops: you come to practice already mastered

  • Respect for customers

    The selection was very serious: training requirements in terms of skills and knowledge